This page is dedicated to the memory of a northeast live music venue that has largely been forgotten since its closure in 1969 – The Blaydon Races Hotel. It’s a great shame that the Blaydon Races has been virtually airbrushed out of the northeast’s musical folk-lore of the sixties. During the period 1965 to 1969 the venue booked more local groups than any other northeast establishment. Not only was the Blaydon Races very popular with the local bands that performed there but also with the hundreds of regulars who flocked there for the live music and late night drinking.

Over the past decade or so there’s been lots written about the music scene and the amazing clubs that were flourishing in the mid to late sixties. Quite recently I’ve watched programs and read articles that featured some of the iconic clubs in the London area such as the Marquee, the Scene, Klook’s Kleek, Eel Pie Island and many more. The sixties music scene was also vibrant in the northeast so it’s not surprising that there’s been a renewed interest in some of Newcastle’s favourite sixties haunts such as the Club a’Gogo and the Mayfair Ballroom. Unlike these two venues, which booked top national acts of the day, it was mostly local bands that appeared at the Blaydon Races Hotel. But in spite of this and the fact that it was an out-of-town establishment, the Blaydon Races flourished as a live music venue in the sixties. When the Club a’Gogo closed down in June 1968 the Blaydon Races was even earmarked to become the Gogo’s successor. Perhaps because of its remote location outside the city, the plans for the Blaydon Races to become the new Club a’Gogo unfortunately fell flat.

Many of the buildings that housed northeast sixties venues, including the Club a’Gogo and the Mayfair Ballroom, were pulled down in later years to make way for new developments. The Blaydon Races Hotel suffered a similar fate and was demolished several decades ago, most likely because the premises had deteriorated beyond repair. The hotel was situated at Stella just to the west of Blaydon on Stella Road (the B6317 Blaydon to Ryton road). In the 19th century Stella was a small community that played an important part in the region’s coal mining industry. The building that housed the hotel started its life as an 18th century stone built farmhouse. In the mid 19th century it became a licensed premises under the name of the Stella Staith Inn. Its position was very near to the Blaydon Race Course, which hosted race meetings between 1861 and 1916. In 1942 the Stella Staith Inn was hit by an incendiary bomb in a German air raid. Although the bomb caused fire damage to the interior of the building, the structure of the building remained mainly in tact.

Site of the Blaydon Races Hotel (to the right of the terraced houses)

After existing as a public house for around a century the Stella Staith Inn was renamed the Blaydon Races Hotel. Most Novocastrians would be familiar with the name “Blaydon Races” because of the well known Geordie folk song which links Blaydon to Newcastle and describes the shenanigans that took place at a 19th century race meeting. In 1962 the Blaydon Races Hotel was bought by a gentleman named Mort Yuill who updated the pub. He renamed the two bars the Penny Bar and the Saddle Room – the Saddle Room being a larger room at the rear, which Mr Yuill had intended as a dining area and for functions, such as wedding receptions. A few years later the back room would be the setting for the live music that took place there until 1969.

I haven’t been able to establish exactly when music nights at the Blaydon Races began. The first reference to musical entertainment in the Newcastle press was in September 1962. A short article referred to regular Jazz evenings five times a week featuring the Jimmy Miller Trio with vocalist Shelagh Corbett. It’s not clear how long these Jazz evenings lasted as they weren’t advertised in local newspapers. Indications are that by the beginning of 1964 the Blaydon Races was becoming a popular venue for entertainment. In addition to the music, the pub boasted a late night “supper” license, which meant that it could remain open serving alcohol for at least an hour after other pubs in the area had closed.

In January 1964 the local council deemed that the Blaydon Races Hotel was unsafe. The council erected a barrier around the premises with a notice saying that the building was dangerous. Apparently this didn’t deter customers who found a way through the barrier. The hotel’s owner Mort Yuill reached an agreement with Blaydon Council allowing business at the Blaydon Races to continue as normal for another seven months.

Article from the Newcastle Journal dated 25th January 1964

In July 1964 there were more difficulties for the Blaydon Races when the council took further steps to close it down. On Thursday 30th July the police entered the hotel and ordered everyone to leave the premises. The following night people arriving at the hotel, including a group that was booked to play, found that the place was locked up. This closure was followed by a visit from a bailiff who removed certain items from the premises including bottled goods. Owner, Mort Yuill clearly had financial problems. He took a route that many others in his position were forced to take – he disappeared. On 7th August the Newcastle Journal reported that the Blaydon Races had changed hands.The Blaydon Races Hotel was bought by Coopers Hotels of Gosforth. The company announced that they intended to make improvements and continue running the pub as a late night attraction.

A new era in the pub’s history began in 1965 when the Blaydon Races began regularly publicising its music nights in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The adverts, which listed the handful of groups appearing each week, would continue for four years. The first of the publicised events was on Monday 4th January 1965 featuring a local group called Don Juan. The following night the popular Silver Dollars appeared.

In the first year or so of the new era most of the groups that the Blaydon Races booked were well known on the working mens club circuit or were popular at local Saturday night dances in halls across the area. The really sought-after bands like the Junco Partners, Gas Board, Chosen Few and Sect had yet to play at the Races. The Juncos and Chosen Few had released singles in 1965 so may have been charging fees above the price range that the Blaydon Races was prepared to pay. That’s not to say that some of the groups that appeared at the pub in the early days were without recording contracts. The Silver Dollars, one of the first groups to have a regular spot at the Blaydon Races had released a single called “Rainbow” in 1964. A group called the Gogos that played at the Races several times in 1965 released a novelty record in late 1964 called “I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek”. Another group that played frequently at the Blaydon Races called the Normans also won a recording contract. The Normans changed their name to Phase 4 and released a single called “What Do You Say About That” in 1966.

Early in 1965 a pattern was starting to emerge whereby some bands picked up a regular weekly spot on a specific night; in other words what could be called a residency on a certain day of the week. A full gig listing for the Blaydon Races can be found at the foot of this page.

In September 1965 the Blaydon Races’ manager announced in the press that he was spending £2000 on the pub’s decor to give it the same ambience as some of the new discotheque clubs that were springing up. In a newspaper interview he was quite adamant that the installation of a new jukebox was not going to oust live groups at the Blaydon Races saying – “I believe youngsters will still want live entertainment. I do not see why groups should be made to suffer. We are installing a jukebox but groups will play for most of the evening. There will always be a home for them in the only live discotheque night spot.”

Perhaps as the result of the weekly adverts in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle or maybe by word-of-mouth, the Blaydon Races really took off as a live music venue in 1966/1967. Some of Newcastle’s favourite groups that had previously been absent at the Races started to play there on a regular basis. Groups like the Junco Partners and Gas Board who were popular at Newcastle venues such as the Club a’Gogo, Quay Club and Mayfair Ballroom helped give the Blaydon Races a competitive edge , attracting people who would normally go to clubs in the city centre.

On the outside the Blaydon Races Hotel was nothing special to look at, giving no hints that it was a live music venue. From the road the hotel looked like many rural stone built houses with a central doorway and small windows. There was a stone built terrace of houses to its left. The music room was at the rear of the building accessible by a side door. Inside this door and to the right there was a small booth where the entrance fee was collected. The drinks bar served both the music room and the room at the front of the building. The stage was quite low, much the same as the stage in the Jazz Lounge at the Club a’Gogo. There were seats and tables either side of the room leaving an adequate area for dancing if the place wasn’t too full. There was also a raised seating area at one side of the stage where light meals were sometimes served. The toilets were situated upstairs on the next floor. This level had no proper flooring apart from a raised walkway which led from the top of the stairs to the toilets. The ceiling of the floor below was clearly visible. Any drunken mishap on this passage would have ended up in a painful shortcut to the music room below.

During the time I played in northeast bands in the sixties I never got to play at the Blaydon Races so I can’t give any first hand account about what it was like as a venue from a performer’s perspective. I’ve recently asked some musicians from the sixties for their memories about the place. These are some of the comments I received: –

John Mendham who played at the Blaydon races with a band called Impulse said – “….it was a great venue, packed in so an amazing atmosphere. The stage was low so you were right in amongst it. One of my favourites.”

Ronnie Barker of the Junco Partners remembers playing in the back room of the pub on a small stage. The stage had a guard rail around it which he and the other singer, John Anderson, used to stand on.

Drummer Ian McFadden played at the Blaydon Races in 1966 doing over 20 gigs there with a band called ‘Pieces of Five’. Ian said – “… the manager told me we held the top attendance figures for every night of the week they put bands on. The fire limit was 250 – one Saturday we had 379 in. People had to stand upstairs where the toilets and cloakroom were.”

Brian Miles played at the Races with a couple of bands – ‘Some Other Guys’ and ‘ One More Mile’. He remembers the low stage, a dance floor with seats and table round – “a really good gig, great atmosphere. I always looked forward to playing there”.

In 1966 the Blaydon Races was being managed by a gentleman named Derek Brown. At this time there was a change of ownership at Newcastle’s top music venue, the Club a’Gogo. Mike Jeffery, the Gogo’s former owner had turned his attention to managing a stable of top artists including The Animals and the Jimi Hendrix Experience and consequently sold the club. Derek Brown eventually became the manager of both the Club a’Gogo and the Blaydon Races. In addition to the shared manager, there were a number of other connections between the two venues. For instance, local bands who were pushing for a gig at the Club a’Gogo first had to audition at the Blaydon Races. There is anecdotal evidence that bouncers who overstepped their authority at the Gogo were exiled to the Blaydon Races for a spell. Thirdly, bands who played at both the Club a’Gogo and the Blaydon Races in the same week were often paid for both gigs in a single transaction.

In late 1967 through to early 1968 there were signs that the Club a’Gogo’s reputation as number one club in Newcastle was beginning to decline. The venue was still booking top national bands and some acts from the States. However, attendance figures were dropping. Many young people who had packed out the Gogo’s unlicensed ‘Young Set’ in the mid-sixties had moved on. They were now of an age at which they were able to legally consume alcohol. A lot of them had transferred their allegiance to the Quay Club in Newcastle. A new club called Sloopy’s also opened up in the spring of 1968 attracting large numbers of young people. Between them, these two clubs were having a detrimental effect on attendances at the Club a’Gogo.

In June 1968 the Club a’Gogo shut down. Although adverts in the local press announced that the closure was only for a summer recess the club never reopened. Within weeks the premises had become a prize bingo venue. At the same time the Blaydon Races was being advertised as an alternative to the Club a’Gogo. In fact, adverts for the Blaydon Races were using the Club a’Gogo’s trade mark logo with the wording “Blaydon Races Goes a’Gogo”.

Although the Blaydon Races offered an alternative to the Club a’Gogo, it fell way short of the standard of live music for which the Gogo had earned its reputation. For instance in the couple of months before the Club a’Gogo closed its doors, some of the national touring bands that had appeared there were: John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Taste, Geno Washington, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll as well as US acts – the Ronettes and Captain Beefheart. On the other hand the Blaydon Races continued its policy of booking local northeast bands.

It’s doubtful that the Blaydon Races scheme to relaunch itself as the new Club a’Gogo worked at all. One ex-Club a’Gogo member remembers taking the six mile bus journey from Newcastle to the pub only to find that she and her friend were the only people there. The Blaydon Races continued for a few months after the closure of the Gogo but by the Christmas of 1968 had temporarily shut its doors. It reopened in January 1969 but only for a few months. The last band advertised to play at the Blaydon Races was on 15th March 1969. On 29th March 1969 a notice appeared in the Newcastle Journal that the Blaydon Races Hotel was to be sold by auction on 23rd April 1969 (unless previously sold privately). Apparently the hotel was not sold and remained in a derelict condition for four years until it was bought in 1973 by a Tyneside businessman. Although planning permission for a revamp was granted the ambitious plans to restore the Blaydon Races to its former glory were never achieved. The hotel remained unoccupied until it was demolished.

Although the Blaydon Races and the Club a’Gogo ran for a similar period as live music venues, it would be stretching it to make a direct comparison between the two. Notably because the Gogo booked the top national touring bands of the day whereas most of the groups that appeared at the Blaydon Races were unknown outside the Northeast area. However, some of the musicians who performed at the Blaydon Races did find fame in later years. For instance – Bryan Ferry appeared there with the Gas Board; all the original Lindisfarne members played there with their former bands – Downtown Faction (Ray Laidlaw, Rod Clements and Simon Cowe), Autumn States (Ray Jackson) and Chosen Few (Alan Hull).

A lot of northeast musicians cut their teeth at the Blaydon Races. For many years in the sixties it provided great entertainment for a lot of young people – an acceptable alternative to some of the city centre venues. For these reasons it shouldn’t be forgotten.

Here’s some photos of some of the bands that appeared at the Blaydon Races between 1965 and 1968: –

Finally, here’s a record of the bands that appeared at the Blaydon Races between 1965 and 1969 (based on newspaper adverts): –


January 1965

Date Group
Monday 04/01/65 Don Juans
Tuesday 05/01/65 Silver Dollars
Friday 08/01/65 Denims
Saturday 09/01/65 Senators
Sunday 10/01/65 Denims
Monday 11/01/65 Rhythm Unlimited
Tuesday 12/01/65 Silver Dollars
Sunday 17/01/65 Denims
Monday 18/01/65 Denims
Tuesday 19/01/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 20/01/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 23/01/65 Denims
Sunday 24/01/65 Bits and Pieces
Monday 25/01/65 Senators
Tuesday 26/01/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 27/01/65 Denims
Friday 29/01/65 Rakes
Saturday 30/01/65 Pentagons
Sunday 31/01/65 Denims

February 1965

Monday 01/02/65 Denims
Tuesday 02/02/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 03/02/65 Keelbeats
Friday 05/02/65 Senators
Saturday 06/02/65 Bits and Pieces
Sunday 07/02/65 Denims
Monday 08/02/65 Go-Gos
Tuesday 09/02/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 10/02/65 Ravens
Friday 12/02/65 Denims
Saturday 13/02/65 MI5
Monday 15/02/65 Go-Gos
Tuesday 16/02/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 17/02/65 Body Snatchers
Friday 19/02/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 20/02/65 Bits and Pieces
Sunday 21/02/65 Rakes
Monday 22/02/65 Go-Gos
Tuesday 23/02/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 24/02/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 25/02/65 Lectrons
Friday 26/02/65 Senators
Saturday 27/02/65 MI5
Sunday 28/02/65 Denims

March 1965

Monday 01/03/65 Lyle and the Wayfarers
Tuesday 02/03/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 03/03/65 Tremmers
Thursday 04/03/65 Denims
Friday 05/03/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 06/03/65 Denims
Sunday 07/03/65 Elcort
Monday 08/03/65 Go-Gos
Tuesday 09/03/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 10/03/65 Denims
Thursday 11/03/65 Lectrons
Friday 12/03/65 Pentagons
Saturday 13/03/65 Rakes
Sunday 14/03/65 Denims
Monday 15/03/65 Go-Gos
Tuesday 16/03/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 17/03/65 Normans
Thursday 18/03/65 Denims
Friday 19/03/65 Senators
Saturday 20/03/6> Denims
Sunday 21/03/65 Vostox Combo
Monday 22/03/65 Night-Aires
Tuesday 23/03/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 24/03/65 Normans
Thursday 25/03/65 Fables
Friday 26/03/65 Denims
Saturday 27/03/65 Bits and Pieces
Sunday 28/03/65 Pentagons
Monday 29/03/65 Kylastron
Tuesday 30/03/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 31/03/65 Denims

April 1965

Thursday 01/04/65 Vostox Combo
Monday 05/04/65 Denims
Tuesday 06/04/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 07/04/65 Normans
Thursday 08/04/65 Colts
Friday 09/04/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 10/04/65 Senators
Sunday 11/04/65 Denims
Monday 12/04/65 Rakes
Tuesday 13/04/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 14/04/65 Normans
Thursday 15/04/65 Bits and Pieces
Friday 16/04/65 Denims
Saturday 17/04/65 Vostox Combo
Sunday 18/04/65 Denims
Monday 19/04/65 Vostox Combo
Wednesday 21/04/65 Don Juans
Thursday 22/04/65 Colts
Friday 23/04/65 Denims
Saturday 24/04/65 Rakes
Sunday 25/04/65 Bits and Pieces
Monday 26/04/65 Solitaires
Tuesday 27/04/65 Denims
Wednesday 28/04/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 29/04/65 Senators
Friday 30/04/65 Denims

May 1965

Saturday 01/05/65 Go-Gos
Sunday 02/05/65 Normans
Monday 03/05/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 04/05/65 Denims
Wednesday 05/05/65 Normans
Thursday 06/05/65 Vostox Combo
Friday 07/05/65 Denims
Saturday 08/05/65 Rakes
Sunday 09/05/65 Senators
Monday 10/05/65 Denims
Tuesday 11/05/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 12/05/65 Senators
Thursday 13/05/65 Denims
Friday 14/05/65 Del Five
Saturday 15/05/65 Grey Man Sounds
Sunday 16/05/65 Normans
Monday 17/05/65 Denims
Tuesday 18/05/65 Fables
Wednesday 19/05/65 Senators
Thursday 20/05/65 Denims
Monday 24/05/65 Denims
Tuesday 25/05/65 Concords
Wednesday 26/05/65 Senators
Thursday 27/05/65 Normans
Friday 28/05/65 Mirage
Monday 31/05/65 Paul Done and the Tzars

June 1965

Tuesday 01/06/65 Normans
Wednesday 02/06/65 Denims
Thursday 03/06/65 Vostox Combo
Friday 04/06/65 Denims
Sunday 06/06/65 Rakes
Monday 07/06/65 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 08/06/65 Concords
Wednesday 09/06/65 Denims
Thursday 10/06/65 Normans
Monday 14/06/65 Denims
Tuesday 15/06/65 Silver Dollars
Wednesday 16/06/65 Normans
Thursday 17/06/65 Denims
Friday 18/06/65 Colts
Saturday 19/06/65 Five Steps
Sunday 20/06/65 Rakes
Monday 21/06/65 Denims
Tuesday 22/06/65 Normans
Wednesday 23/06/65 Concords
Thursday 24/06/65 Denims
Friday 25/06/65 Rakes
Saturday 26/06/65 Five Steps
Monday 28/06/65 Denims
Tuesday 29/06/65 Normans
Wednesday 30/06/65 Colts

July 1965

Thursday 01/07/65 Denims
Friday 02/07/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 03/07/65 Rakes
Sunday 04/07/65 Fables
Monday 05/07/65 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 06/07/65 Bits and Pieces
Wednesday 07/07/65 Normans
Thursday 08/07/65 Denims
Friday 09/07/65 Senators
Saturday 10/07/65 Five Steps
Sunday 11/07/65 Denims
Monday 12/07/65 Denims
Tuesday 13/07/65 Normans
Wednesday 14/07/65 Danny Green Five
Thursday 15/07/65 Denims
Friday 16/07/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 17/07/65 Five Steps
Sunday 18/07/65 Bits and Pieces
Wednesday 21/07/65 Normans
Thursday 22/07/65 Denims
Friday 23/07/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 24/07/65 Demons
Sunday 25/07/65 Five Steps
Monday 26/07/65 Denims
Tuesday 27/07/65 Normans
Wednesday 28/07/65 Colts
Thursday 29/07/65 Denims
Friday 30/07/65 Five Steps
Saturday 31/07/65 Dean Lewis and the Citroens

August 1965

Sunday 01/08/65 Tony Bates Combo
Monday 02/08/65 Denims
Wednesday 04/08/65 Solitaires
Thursday 05/08/65 Denims
Friday 06/08/65 Lectrons
Saturday 07/08/65 Shades of Blue
Sunday 08/08/65 Tony Bates Combo
Monday 09/08/65 Denims
Tuesday 10/08/65 Normans
Wednesday 11/08/65 Colts
Thursday 12/08/65 Solitaires
Friday 13/08/65 Denims
Saturday 14/08/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 15/08/65 Normans
Monday 16/08/65 Denims
Tuesday 17/08/65 Tony Bates Combo
Wednesday 18/08/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 19/08/65 Solitaires
Friday 20/08/65 Denims
Saturday 21/08/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 22/08/65 Colts
Monday 23/08/65 Denims
Tuesday 24/08/65 Normans
Wednesday 25/08/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 26/08/65 Solitaires
Friday 27/08/65 Colts
Saturday 28/08/65 Denims
Sunday 29/08/65 Why and Where Four
Monday 30/08/65 Denims
Tuesday 31/08/65 Tony Bates Combo

September 1965

Wednesday 01/09/65 Why and Where Four
Thursday 02/09/65 Denims
Friday 03/09/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 04/09/65 Tony Bates Combo
Sunday 05/09/65 Vostox Combo
Wednesday 08/09/65 Tony Bates Combo
Thursday 09/09/65 Denims
Friday 10/09/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 11/09/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 12/09/65 Bits and Pieces
Monday 13/09/65 Denims
Tuesday 14/09/65 Normans
Wednesday 15/09/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 16/09/65 Why and Where Four
Thursday 16/09/65 Silver Dollars
Friday 17/09/65 Denims
Saturday 18/09/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 19/09/65 Crusaders
Monday 20/09/65 Denims
Tuesday 21/09/65 Normans
Wednesday 22/09/65 Why and Where Four
Thursday 23/09/65 Denims
Friday 24/09/65 Vostox Combo
Saturday 25/09/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 26/09/65 Bits and Pieces
Monday 27/09/65 Denims
Tuesday 28/09/65 Normans
Wednesday 29/09/65 Tony Bates Combo
Thursday 30/09/65 Denims

October 1965

Friday 01/10/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 02/10/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 03/10/65 Vostox Combo
Monday 04/10/65 Denims
Tuesday 05/10/65 Normans
Wednesday 06/10/65 Little Jimmy’s People
Thursday 07/10/65 Denims
Thursday 07/10/65 Foot Tappers
Friday 08/10/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 09/10/65 Alibi
Sunday 10/10/65 Why and Where Four
Tuesday 12/10/65 Normans
Wednesday 13/10/65 Colts
Thursday 14/10/65 Denims
Friday 15/10/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 16/10/65 Five Steps
Sunday 17/10/65 Rakes
Monday 18/10/65 Denims
Tuesday 19/10/65 Normans
Thursday 21/10/65 Silver Dollars
Thursday 21/10/65 Styx n Stones
Friday 22/10/65 Lectrons
Saturday 23/10/65 Consolidated Sounds
Sunday 24/10/65 Why and Where Four
Monday 25/10/65 Denims
Tuesday 26/10/65 Normans
Wednesday 27/10/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 28/10/65 Alibi
Friday 29/10/65 String Beats
Saturday 30/10/65 Consolidated Sounds
Sunday 31/10/65 Why and Where Four

November 1965

Monday 01/11/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 02/11/65 Normans
Wednesday 03/11/65 Tony Bates Combo
Thursday 04/11/65 Coasters
Friday 05/11/65 Avalons
Saturday 06/11/65 Rakes
Sunday 07/11/65 Why and Where Four
Monday 08/11/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 09/11/65 Normans
Wednesday 10/11/65 Colts
Thursday 11/11/65 Alibi
Friday 12/11/65 Rakes
Saturday 13/11/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 14/11/65 Elements
Monday 15/11/65 Avalons
Tuesday 16/11/65 Normans
Wednesday 17/11/65 Solitaires
Thursday 18/11/65 Vostox Combo
Friday 19/11/65 Lectrons
Saturday 20/11/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 21/11/65 Tony Bates Combo
Monday 22/11/65 Alibi
Tuesday 23/11/65 Normans
Wednesday 24/11/65 Colts
Thursday 25/11/65 Solitaires
Friday 26/11/65 Bits and Pieces
Saturday 27/11/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 28/11/65 Denims
Monday 29/11/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 30/11/65 Normans

December 1965

Wednesday 01/12/65 Silver Dollars
Friday 03/12/65 Why and Where Four
Sunday 05/12/65 Vostox Combo
Monday 06/12/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 07/12/65 Normans
Wednesday 08/12/65 Alibi
Thursday 09/12/65 Solitaires
Friday 10/12/65 Why and Where Four
Saturday 11/12/65 Rakes
Sunday 12/12/65 Alibi
Monday 13/12/65 Bits and Pieces
Tuesday 14/12/65 Normans
Wednesday 15/12/65 Demons
Thursday 16/12/65 Solitaires
Friday 17/12/65 Why and Where Four
Saturday 18/12/65 Alibi
Sunday 19/12/65 Normans
Tuesday 28/12/65 Normans
Wednesday 29/12/65 Bits and Pieces
Thursday 30/12/65 Why and Where Four
Friday 31/12/65 Denims


January 1966

Thursday 27/01/66 Stormbreakers
Friday 28/01/66 Avalons
Saturday 29/01/66 Why and Where Four
Sunday 30/01/66 Lectrons

February 1966

Wednesday 02/02/66 Silver Dollars
Monday 07/02/66 String Beats
Tuesday 08/02/66 Phase 4
Thursday 10/02/66 Kravaats
Friday 11/02/66 Why and Where Four
Saturday 12/02/66 Dayley Blues
Sunday 13/02/66 Phase 4
Monday 14/02/66 String Beats
Tuesday 15/02/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 16/02/66 Silver Dollars
Thursday 17/02/66 Kravaats
Friday 18/02/66 String of Beads
Saturday 19/02/66 Why and Where Four
Pieces of Five
Monday 21/02/66 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 22/02/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 23/02/66 Alibi
Thursday 24/02/66 Kravaats
Friday 25/02/66 Wild Set
Saturday 26/02/66 Fables
Sunday 27/02/66 Consolidated Sounds
Monday 28/02/66 Lectrons

March 1966

Tuesday 01/03/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 02/03/66 Kravaats
Monday 07/03/66 String Beats
Tuesday 08/03/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 09/03/66 Vostox Combo
Thursday 10/03/66 Junco Partners
Friday 11/03/66 Wild Set
Saturday 12/03/66 Consolidated Sounds
Sunday 13/03/66 Why and Where Four
Monday 14/03/66 String Beats
Tuesday 15/03/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 16/03/66 Alibi
Thursday 17/03/66 Lectrons
Friday 18/03/66 Silver Dollars
Saturday 19/03/66 Demons
Sunday 20/03/66 Why and Where Four
Monday 21/03/66 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 22/03/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 23/03/66 Silver Dollars
Thursday 24/03/66 Junco Partners
Thursday 31/03/66 Invaders

April 1966

Friday 01/04/66 Fables
Saturday 02/04/66 Just Us
Sunday 03/04/66 Jub Jub Clique Band
Monday 04/04/66 Vondykes
Tuesday 05/04/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 06/04/66 Silver Dollars
Thursday 07/04/66 Stormbreakers
Friday 08/04/66 Junco Partners
Saturday 09/04/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 10/04/66 Wild Set
Monday 11/04/66 Vondykes
Tuesday 12/04/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 13/04/66 Stormbreakers
Thursday 14/04/66 Kravaats
Friday 15/04/66 Jub Jub Clique Band
Saturday 16/04/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 17/04/66 Vondykes
Monday 18/04/66 Stringbeats
Tuesday 19/04/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 20/04/66 Silver Dollars
Thursday 21/04/66 Invaders
Monday 25/04/66 Vondykes
Tuesday 26/04/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 27/04/66 Stormbreakers
Thursday 28/04/66 Kravaats
Friday 29/04/66 Gas Board
Saturday 30/04/66 String of Beads

May 1966

Sunday 01/05/66 Wild Set
Thursday 05/05/66 Junco Partners
Friday 06/05/66 Wild Set
Saturday 07/05/66 Lindan & the Border Beats
Sunday 08/05/66 Gas Board
Monday 09/05/66 Autumn States
Tuesday 10/05/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 11/05/66 Alibi
Thursday 12/05/66 Impact
Friday 13/05/66 Wild Set
Saturday 14/05/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 15/05/66 Pieces of Five
Times Four
Tuesday 17/05/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 18/05/66 Kravaats
Thursday 19/05/66 Junco Partners
Friday 27/05/66 Daley Blues
Saturday 28/05/66 Heatwave
Sunday 29/05/66 Heatwave
Sunday 29/05/66 Gas Board
Monday 30/05/66 Wild Set
Tuesday 31/05/66 Kravaats

June 1966

Thursday 02/06/66 Invaders
Friday 10/06/66 Wild Set
Saturday 11/06/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 12/06/66 Pieces of Five
Monday 13/06/66 Autumn States
Tuesday 14/06/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 15/06/66 Alibi
Thursday 16/06/66 Junco Partners
Friday 17/06/66 Pieces of Five
Saturday 18/06/66 Consolidated Sounds
Sunday 19/06/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 19/06/66 Gas Board
Monday 20/06/66 Autumn States
Tuesday 21/06/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 22/06/66 Alibi
Thursday 23/06/66 Invaders

July 1966

Friday 01/07/66 Lectrons
Saturday 02/07/66 Vostox Combo
Sunday 03/07/66 Gas Board
Monday 04/07/66 Alibi
Tuesday 05/07/66 Denims
Wednesday 06/07/66 Elcort
Thursday 07/07/66 Junco Partners
Friday 08/07/66 Lectrons
Saturday 09/07/66 Transit
Sunday 10/07/66 Gas Board
Monday 11/07/66 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 12/07/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 13/07/66 Heatwave
Thursday 14/07/66 Chosen Few
Friday 15/07/66 Alibi
Saturday 16/07/66 String of Beads
Sunday 17/07/66 Lectrons
Monday 18/07/66 Vostox Combo
Tuesday 19/07/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 20/07/66 Heatwave
Thursday 21/07/66 Gas Board
Friday 22/07/66 Lectrons
Saturday 23/07/66 Consolidated Sounds
Sunday 24/07/66 Hylton K’s
Monday 25/07/66 Movement
Tuesday 26/07/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 27/07/66 Transit
Thursday 28/07/66 Gas Board
Friday 29/07/66 Vondykes
Saturday 30/07/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 31/07/66 Junco Partners

August 1966

Monday 01/08/66 Facts Of Life
Tuesday 02/08/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 03/08/66 Vulcans
Thursday 04/08/66 Gas Board
Friday 05/08/66 Georgia Quintet
Saturday 06/08/66 Sticks and Stones
Sunday 07/08/66 Gas Board
Monday 08/08/66 Some Other Guys
Tuesday 09/08/66 Denims
Wednesday 10/08/66 Transit
Thursday 1/08/66 Blue Chips
Friday 12/08/66 Alibi
Saturday 13/08/66 Target
Sunday 14/08/66 Gas Board
Monday 15/08/66 Denims
Tuesday 16/08/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 17/08/66 Transit
Thursday 18/08/66 Urge
Friday 19/08/66 Urge
Saturday 20/08/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 21/08/66 Some Other Guys
Monday 22/08/66 Pieces of Five
Tuesday 23/08/66 Denims
Wednesday 24/08/66 Bar 19
Thursday 25/08/66 Blue Chips
Friday 26/08/66 Pieces of Five
Saturday 27/08/66 Georgia Quintet
Sunday 28/08/66 Gas Board
Monday 29/08/66 Pieces of Five
Tuesday 30/08/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 31/08/66 Transit

September 1966

Thursday 01/09/66 Kravaats
Friday 02/09/66 Vondykes
Saturday 03/09/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 04/09/66 Consolidated Sounds
Monday 05/09/66 Pieces of Five
Tuesday 06/09/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 07/09/66 Alibi
Friday 09/09/66 Vondykes
Saturday 10/09/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 11/09/66 Consolidated Sounds
Monday 12/09/66 Pieces of Five
Tuesday 13/09/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 14/09/66 Alibi
Thursday 15/09/66 Sect
Friday 16/09/66 Vondykes
Saturday 17/09/66 Pieces of Five
Sunday 18/09/66 Junco Partners
Monday 19/09/66 Sect
Tuesday 20/09/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 21/09/66 Bar 19
Thursday 22/09/66 Blue Chips
Friday 23/09/66 Vondykes
Saturday 24/09/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 25/09/66 Gas Board
Monday 26/09/66 Sect
Tuesday 27/09/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 28/09/66 Bar 19
Thursday 29/09/66 Junco Partners
Friday 30/09/66 Some Other Guys

October 1966

Saturday 01/10/66 Lectrons
Sunday 02/10/66 Outrage
Monday 03/10/66 Sect
Tuesday 04/10/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 05/10/66 Bar 19
Thursday 06/10/66 Gas Board
Friday 07/10/66 Georgia Quintet
Saturday 08/10/66 Wild Set
Sunday 09/10/66 Junco Partners
Monday 10/10/66 Sect
Tuesday 11/10/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 12/10/66 Hinge
Thursday 13/10/66 Kravaats
Friday 14/10/66 Pieces of Five
Saturday 15/10/66 Hylton K’s
Sunday 16/10/66 Gas Board
Monday 17/10/66 Sect
Tuesday 18/10/66 Phase 4
Thursday 20/10/66 Junco Partners
Friday 21/10/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 23/10/66 Gas Board
Monday 24/10/66 Sect
Tuesday 25/10/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 26/10/66 Combined Set
Thursday 27/10/66 Junco Partners
Friday 28/10/66 Rakes
Saturday 29/10/66 Movement
Sunday 30/10/66 Jub Jub Clique Band
Monday 31/10/66 New Blues Review

November 1966

Tuesday 01/11/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 02/11/66 Some Other Guys
Thursday 03/11/66 Junco Partners
Friday 04/11/66 Citroens
Saturday 05/11/66 Hylton K’s
Sunday 06/11/66 Miles Grover Group
Monday 07/11/66 Wild Set
Tuesday 08/11/66 Phase 4
Monday 14/11/66 George Harrison Combo
Tuesday 15/11/66 Phase 4
Friday 18/11/66 Why and Where Four
Saturday 19/11/66 Lectrons
Sunday 20/11/66 Junco Partners
Monday 21/11/66 Rakes
Tuesday 22/11/66 George Harrison Combo
Wednesday 23/11/66 Winetca Sounds
Thursday 24/11/66 Gas Board
Friday 25/11/66 Special 5
Saturday 26/11/66 Some Other Guys
Sunday 27/11/66 Junco Partners
Monday 28/11/66 Jub Jub Clique Band
Tuesday 29/11/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 30/11/66 Blackjacks

December 1966

Thursday 01/12/66 Facts Of Life
Friday 02/12/66 Georgia Quintet
Saturday 03/12/66 Hylton K’s
Sunday 04/12/66 Phase 4
Monday 05/12/66 Doug Vallan and the Soul Concern
Tuesday 06/12/66 Denims
Wednesday 07/12/66 Tricity Klan
Thursday 08/12/66 Gas Board
Friday 09/12/66 Rakes
Saturday 10/12/66 Combined Set
Sunday 11/12/66 Wild Set
Monday 12/12/66 Outlines
Tuesday 13/12/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 14/12/66 Stormbreakers
Friday 16/12/66 Why and Where Four
Saturday 17/12/66 Miles Grover Group
Sunday 18/12/66 Rakes
Monday 19/12/66 Kravaats
Tuesday 20/12/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 21/12/66 Jub Jub Clique Band
Thursday 22/12/66 Outlines
Friday 23/12/66 Pieces of Five
Saturday 24/12/66 Vondykes
Monday 26/12/66 Wild Set
Tuesday 27/12/66 Phase 4
Wednesday 28/12/66 Combined Set
Thursday 29/12/66 Set Up
Friday 30/12/66 Blackjacks
Saturday 31/12/66 Gas Board


January 1967

Sunday 01/01/67 Phase 4
Monday 02/01/67 Georgia Quintet
Tuesday 03/01/67 Phase 4
Friday 06/01/67 Shady Kases
Saturday 07/01/67 Some Other Guys
Sunday 08/01/67 Rakes
Monday 09/01/67 Downtown Faction
Tuesday 10/01/67 Phase 4
Friday 13/01/67 Blackjacks
Saturday 14/01/67 Vondykes
Sunday 15/01/67 Rakes
Wednesday 18/01/67 Combined Set
Thursday 19/01/67 George Harrison Combo
Friday 20/01/67 Phase 4
Saturday 21/01/67 Habit
Sunday 22/01/67 Rakes
Monday 23/01/67 Hylton K’s
Tuesday 24/01/67 Phase 4
Wednesday 25/01/67 Alibi
Thursday 26/01/67 Tricity Klan
Friday 27/01/67 Winetca Sounds
Saturday 28/01/67 Vondykes
Sunday 29/01/67 Rakes

February 1967

Thursday 02/02/67 Gas Board
Friday 03/02/67 Consolidated Sounds
Saturday 04/02/67 Jefferson’s People
Monday 06/02/67 Impulse
Tuesday 07/02/67 Phase 4
Wednesday 08/02/67 Alibi
Thursday 09/02/67 Gas Board
Friday 10/02/67 String of Beads
Saturday 11/02/67 Downtown Faction
Sunday 12/02/67 Winetca Sounds
Tuesday 14/02/67 Phase 4
Thursday 16/02/67 Astronauts
Friday 17/02/67 Avalons
Saturday 18/02/67 Some Other Guys
Sunday 19/02/67 Junco Partners
Monday 20/02/67 Phase 4
Thursday 23/02/67 Blue Chips
Friday 24/02/67 Lusika State Group
Saturday 25/02/67 Vondykes
Sunday 26/02/67 Tricity Klan
Tuesday 28/02/67 Denims

March 1967

Thursday 02/03/67 String of Beads
Friday 03/03/67 Fables
Saturday 04/03/67 Combined Set
Sunday 05/03/67 Playboys
Tuesday 07/03/67 Phase 4
Thursday 09/03/67 Tricity Klan
Friday 10/03/67 Alien
Saturday 11/03/67 Vondykes
Sunday 12/03/67 Junco Partners
Tuesday 14/03/67 Phase 4
Thursday 16/03/67 Gas Board
Friday 17/03/67 Hylton K’s
Sunday 19/03/67 Outlines
Tuesday 21/03/67 Phase 4
Thursday 23/03/67 Georgia Quintet
Friday 24/03/67 Junco Partners
Saturday 25/03/67 Autumn States
Sunday 26/03/67 Age of Reason
Monday 27/03/67 Combined Set
Tuesday 28/03/67 Phase 4
Thursday 30/03/67 Dying Race
Friday 31/03/67 Hylton K’s

April 1967

Saturday 01/04/67 Junkie Crop
Sunday 02/04/67 String of Beads
Tuesday 04/04/67 Phase 4
Thursday 06/04/67 Tricity Klan
Friday 07/04/67 Fables
Saturday 08/04/67 Georgia Quintet
Sunday 09/04/67 Autumn States
Tuesday 11/04/67 Phase 4
Thursday 13/04/67 Junco Partners
Saturday 15/04/67 Vondykes
Sunday 16/04/67 Consolidated Sounds
Tuesday 18/04/67 Phase 4
Thursday 20/04/67 Gas Board
Friday 21/04/67 Alibi
Saturday 22/04/67 Some Other Guys
Sunday 23/04/67 Autumn States
Tuesday 25/04/67 Phase 4
Thursday 27/04/67 Consolidated Sounds
Friday 28/04/67 Stacey Smith Blues Band
Saturday 29/04/67 Raymond Minge
Sunday 30/04/67 Junco Partners

May 1967

Tuesday 02/05/67 Phase 4
Thursday 04/05/67 Gas Board
Friday 05/05/67 Barbed Wire
Saturday 06/05/67 Stacey Smith Blues Band
Sunday 07/05/67 Wild Set
Tuesday 09/05/67 Phase 4
Thursday 11/05/67 Reaction
Friday 12/05/67 Barbed Wire
Saturday 13/05/67 Vondykes
Thursday 18/05/67 Tricity Klan
Friday 19/05/67 Hylton K’s
Saturday 20/05/67 Habit
Sunday 21/05/67 String of Beads
Tuesday 23/05/67 Alibi

June 1967

Thursday 01/06/67 Reaction
Friday 02/06/67 Wild Set
Saturday 03/06/67 Destruction Co Ltd
Sunday 04/06/67 String of Beads
Tuesday 06/06/67 Alibi
Thursday 08/06/67 Winetca Sounds
Saturday 10/06/67 Reaction
Sunday 11/06/67 Gas Board
Tuesday 13/06/67 Alibi
Thursday 15/06/67 Pipeline Inc
Friday 16/06/67 Stacey Smith Blues Band
Saturday 17/06/67 Moving Target
Sunday 18/06/67 Funny Farm
Wednesday 21/06/67 Alibi
Friday 23/06/67 Hylton K’s
Tuesday 27/06/67 Alibi
Friday 30/06/67 Tricity Klan

July 1967

Tuesday 04/07/67 Alibi
Thursday 06/07/67 Phase 4
Friday 07/07/67 Stacey Smith Blues Band
Saturday 08/07/67 Georgia Quintet
Sunday 09/07/67 G G Brown and the Blues Line Band
Tuesday 11/07/67 Alibi
Saturday 15/07/67 Moving Target
Sunday 16/07/67 Lusika State Group
Tuesday 18/07/67 Alibi
Thursday 20/07/67 Phase 4
Friday 21/07/67 Tricity Klan
Saturday 22/07/67 Destruction Co Ltd
Sunday 23/07/67 Gas Board
Tuesday 25/07/67 Hylton K’s
Thursday 27/07/67 Pipeline Inc
Friday 28/07/67 Destruction Co Ltd
Sunday 30/07/67 Phase 4

August 1967

Tuesday 01/08/67 Alibi
Thursday 03/08/67 Playboys
Friday 04/08/67 Combined Set
Saturday 05/08/67 Epidemic
Sunday 06/08/67 Autumn States
Tuesday 08/08/67 Alibi
Thursday 10/08/67 Downtown Faction
Friday 11/08/67 Munks
Saturday 12/08/67 Jump
Sunday 13/08/67 Combined Set
Tuesday 15/08/67 Alibi
Thursday 17/08/67 Pipeline Inc
Friday 18/08/67 Bar 19
Saturday 19/08/67 Invention
Sunday 20/08/67 Consolidated Sounds
Tuesday 22/08/67 Alibi
Thursday 24/08/67 Phase 4
Friday 25/08/67 Berts Apple Crumble
Saturday 26/08/67 Dual Camp Set
Sunday 27/08/67 Autumn States
Tuesday 29/08/67 Alibi
Thursday 31/08/67 Phase 4

September 1967

Friday 01/09/67 Hylton K’s
Saturday 02/09/67 17th Motorcade
Sunday 03/09/67 Gas Board
Tuesday 05/09/67 Alibi
Thursday 07/09/67 Phase 4
Friday 08/09/67 Playboys
Sunday 10/09/67 Bar 19
Tuesday 12/09/67 Alibi
Thursday 14/09/67 Phase 4
Friday 15/09/67 John Lewis Blues Band
Saturday 16/09/67 17th Motorcade
Sunday 17/09/67 Autumn States
Tuesday 19/09/67 Alibi
Thursday 21/09/67 Phase 4
Friday 22/09/67 Hylton K’s
Saturday 23/09/67 Dual Camp Set
Wednesday 27/09/67 Alibi

October 1967

Sunday 01/10/67 Flower Garden
Tuesday 03/10/67 Alibi
Thursday 05/10/67 New Generation
Friday 06/10/67 Darkness
Saturday 07/10/67 Parchment People
Thursday 12/10/67 Buster Summers Express
Friday 13/10/67 Jude Brown Show
Saturday 14/10/67 Go Go Set
Sunday 15/10/67 Pickwicks
Tuesday 17/10/67 Alibi
Thursday 26/10/67 Tamla Express
Friday 27/10/67 Midnite Train
Saturday 28/10/67 Roumer
Sunday 29/10/67 Junco Partners
Tuesday 31/10/67 Alibi

November 1967

Friday 03/11/67 ABCs
Saturday 04/11/67 Apper Clause
Sunday 19/11/67 Junco Partners
Thursday 30/11/67 Jimmy Powell & the Dimensions

December 1967

Thursday 07/12/67 Guild
Friday 08/12/67 Maze
Saturday 09/12/67 Lusika State Group
Sunday 10/12/67 Hylton K’s
Friday 22/12/67 Herbies People
Saturday 23/12/67 Maze
Friday 29/12/67 Epidemic
Saturday 30/12/67 Maze
Sunday 31/12/67 Household


January 1968

Thursday 25/01/68 Bemus Mint
Friday 26/01/68 Love Scene

February 1968

Thursday 01/02/68 Epidemic
Friday 02/02/68 Moving Target
Thursday 08/02/68 Hedgehog Pie
Friday 09/02/68 Maze
Saturday 10/02/68 17th Motorcade
Sunday 11/02/68 Junco Partners
Monday 12/02/68 Maze
Thursday 29/02/68 Combined Set

March 1968

Friday 01/03/68 Love Scene
Saturday 02/03/68 Hedgehog Pie
Sunday 03/03/68 Autumn States
Friday 08/03/68 Midway Blues Set
Saturday 09/03/68 Pride
Sunday 10/03/68 Junco Partners
Friday 15/03/68 Combined Set
Saturday 16/03/68 Maze
Sunday 17/03/68 Tyme
Tuesday 19/03/68 Alibi
Friday 22/03/68 Junco Partners
Saturday 23/03/68 Midway Blues Set
Sunday 24/03/68 Felix Welk
Tuesday 26/03/68 Links
Friday 29/03/68 Gravy Train
Saturday 30/03/68 Leam Line
Sunday 31/03/68 Junco Partners

Aprily 1968

Tuesday 02/04/68 Alibi
Friday 05/04/68 Pride
Saturday 06/04/68 Geordie Bell’s Big Roll Band
Sunday 07/04/68 Jimmy Miller
Tuesday 09/04/68 Alibi
Friday 12/04/68 Junco Partners
Saturday 13/04/68 Love Scene
Sunday 14/04/68 Jimmy Miller
Monday 15/04/68 Hylton K’s
Friday 19/04/68 Autumn States
Saturday 20/04/68 Pride
Sunday 21/04/68 Jimmy Miller
Tuesday 23/04/68 Alibi
Friday 26/04/68 Combined Set
Saturday 27/04/68 Toy Cupboard
Sunday 28/04/68 Jimmy Miller
Tuesday 30/04/68 Alibi

May 1968

Friday 03/05/68 Toy Cupboard
Saturday 04/05/68 Rebuff
Tuesday 07/05/68 Alibi
Friday 10/05/68 Talcum Slice
Saturday 11/05/68 Gravy Train
Tuesday 14/05/68 Alibi
Friday 17/05/68 John Lewis Blues Band
Saturday 18/05/68 Axree Junction
Tuesday 21/05/68 Alibi
Friday 24/05/68 Gravy Train
Saturday 25/05/68 Solid State
Tuesday 28/05/68 Alibi
Friday 31/05/68 Hylton K’s

June 1968

Saturday 01/06/68 Highway Blues
Monday 03/06/68 Axree Junction
Tuesday 04/06/68 Alibi
Friday 07/06/68 Georgia Quintet
Friday 07/06/68 Short Blues Line
Saturday 08/06/68 Fickett’s Steam Coffin
Tuesday 11/06/68 Alibi
Friday 14/06/68 Up North Combo
Saturday 15/06/68 James Ingham Scene
Tuesday 18/06/68 Alibi
Friday 21/06/68 Merseys
Saturday 22/06/68 Forever After
Tuesday 25/06/68 Alibi
Friday 28/06/68 Combined Set
Saturday 29/06/68 North Carolina Blues

July 1968

Wednesday 03/07/68 Alibi
Friday 05/07/68 Fickett’s Steam Coffin
Saturday 06/07/68 One Last Mile
Tuesday 09/07/68 Alibi
Friday 19/07/68 Traque
Saturday 20/07/68 Midway Blues Set
Friday 26/07/68 Combined Set
Saturday 27/07/68 Gin House

August 1968

Friday 02/08/68 Hylton K’s
Saturday 03/08/68 Consolidated Sounds
Friday 09/08/68 Midway Blues Set
Saturday 10/08/68 North Carolina Blues
Friday 16/08/68 Axree Junction
Saturday 17/08/68 One More Mile
Sunday 18/08/68 Autumn States
Friday 23/08/68 Smiles Infirmary
Saturday 24/08/68 One More Mile
Sunday 25/08/68 Alibi
Friday 30/08/68 Midway Blues Set
Saturday 31/08/68 Traque

September 1968

Sunday 01/09/68 Alibi
Friday 06/09/68 Guild
Saturday 07/09/68 Smiles Infirmary
Sunday 08/09/68 Junco Partners
Friday 13/09/68 Forever After
Saturday 14/09/68 Talcum Slice
Sunday 15/09/68 Hylton K’s
Friday 27/09/68 One More Mile
Saturday 28/09/68 Short Blues Line
Sunday 29/09/68 Junco Partners

October 1968

Friday 04/10/68 Alibi
Saturday 05/10/68 Paisley Landscape
Sunday 06/10/68 Sliced Fingers
Friday 18/10/68 Combined Set
Saturday 19/10/68 Parchment Farm
Sunday 20/10/68 Sliced Fingers
Friday 25/10/68 Budgie Johnson’s Blues
Saturday 26/10/68 Parchment Farm
Sunday 27/10/68 Alibi

November 1968

Friday 01/11/68 One More Mile
Saturday 02/11/68 North Carolina Blues
Sunday 03/11/68 Happy Medium
Friday 08/11/68 Axree Junction
Saturday 09/11/68 Budgie Johnson’s Blues
Sunday 10/11/68 Ignition
Friday 15/11/68 Traque
Saturday 16/11/68 Free Wheel
Sunday 17/11/68 Alibi


January 1969

Saturday 25/01/69 Music Factory
Ping Pong

February 1969

Saturday 01/02/69 One More Mile
Saturday 08/02/69 Juice
Saturday 15/02/69 Vondykes
Saturday 22/02/69 Free Wheel

March 1969

Saturday 01/03/69 Vondykes
Saturday 08/03/69 Raw Spirit
Saturday 15/03/69 King Rat
  1. Keith Fisher

    April 17, 2022 •

    Well done again Roger.


  2. Les Oswald

    April 17, 2022 •

    Well Done Rog with your email regarding the Blaydon Races Hotel!

    At least I now know where I was on three dates: 14/11/66, 22/11/66 and 19/01/67. I had struggled to remember a venue I played at, which I knew to be on the South side of the river but when I saw your posting, it all came back to me. You must have worked hard to extract that list of bands & dates from newspaper listings.

    I was then the guitarist with the George Harrison Combo but one or more of those gigs might well have been when Alan Hull stood in for George Harrison, as the latter was then taking what is now known as "paternity leave". By February 1967 we became the resident band at the notorious Birdcage Club and had stopped gigging altogether.

    The description of the music area fits my recollections, I think it was painted very darkly and when you came in to set up with the lights on, it was a fairly drab & dingy setting but clearly a very popular and active one.


  3. Graham Kelley

    April 17, 2022 •

    Yes I used to travel to the Blaydon Races on a Friday night from Sunderland in 67/68 great gigs great music met loads of people.

    Great era loved being part of that scene aged 18 to 24.


  4. Eve Wilson

    April 18, 2022 •

    Great article on the 'Races'. Did bring back so many memories of happy days.??


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